To whom is trying to buy the domain of this website

This post is for the potential buyer who has made an offer recently. I am the owner of xxEnglish dot com and I have received an email notification about your offer.

Since the trade platform does not allow me to fill any comment for the following reason:

Please note: This bid thread was initiated through our SedoMLS Partner GoDaddy. This partner is not supporting the display of comments at this point in time. Unfortunately this means you can’t enter a comment with your offer for this name. We apologize for the inconvenience, we are looking to add this feature in the future.

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House, Condo, Apartment 的区别


在中国,我们普通人,特别是城市居民,都说住的叫“房子”,当我们学习英语单词 House 的时候,也自然而然地想到自己住的“房子”就是 House。

其实,中国城市居民住的,在英语中那不叫 House,而是叫 Apartment 或 Condo。

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转贴: 加拿大住家保姆计划的英文要求



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English Background 一些英语背景知识


英语, English.

这个世界上有大概10来种语系:印欧语系, 汉藏语系, 尼日尔-刚果语系, 亚非语系, 南岛语系, 达罗毗荼语系, 阿尔泰语系, 南亚语系, 壮侗语系, 乌拉尔语系.

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