…Off With… 意思?

…If most of your customers are from the U.S. you’ll probably be better off with our platform. We have an exclusive ad inventory from such major brands as Microsoft,  Ford,  AT&T, Best Buy, CBS, and more… 这句话中 “be better off with our platform” 究竟是最好离开我们的平台,还是最好来用我们的平台 ?

在很多单独的 off 场合,似乎 off 是离开,下来的意思, 比如 10% off 表示降价了 10%, 还有 get off 是下车。

但是第一段话中 off with 实际上是和 better 连在一起表示最好来到我们平台。 实际上,把 be better off with 想象成 be good off with, 就容易理解了。


— go off with: 拿走,抢走

Didn’t you go off with that Swede to Copenhagen?

你不是跟那个瑞典人去哥本哈根了 吗 ?

I suppose Carolyn went off with some man she’d fallen in love with.


— make off with  偷,花费;拐

I make off with a few free squirt guns . 我拿几把免费水枪跑掉。