NATO Phonetic Alphabet

When we use phone call we often have to tell something to other people using the English letters, for example you tell your friend an address, you might have to spell the address name, but English letter is not easy to be heard exactly such as you say “T” but your friend might heard as “D”, so we used to use other way like “T for Tango, D for Delta” so that your friend know the right letters.

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1. Hard to tell. 很难说。
2. Quit that thought. 想都别想。
3. You never know. 世事难料。
4. Just let it go.别纠结了。
5. Keep it down. 小声一点。
6. We are even. 我们扯平了。
7. Don’t fool me. 别骗我。
8. You’re thick-skinned.你脸皮真厚。
9. What for? 这是干嘛?


1.What’s up?近来可好?
2.How was your day? 你今天过得怎么样?
3.How’s it going? 事情怎么样了?
4. How have you been?最近怎么样?
5.What’s happening?最近在忙啥?
6.What’s her status? 她现在情况怎么样?
7.What’s new with you?有啥新鲜事儿吗?

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              Daily Life English

  School bus 娃娃車美語

1. Mommy, the school bus is here. 媽咪,娃娃車來了。
2. I’m going to school. 我要去上學了。
3. Good morning, teacher. 早安,老師。 
4. Good morning, Uncle (Pete). 早安,司機叔叔。
5. Good morning, my friends. 早安,我的朋友。
6. Goodbye, Daddy. 爸爸,再見。
7. Goodbye, Mommy. 媽媽,再見。
8. Please get on the bus. 請上車。
9. Please get off the bus. 請下車。
10. Please be quiet. 請安靜。
11. Sit tight! 坐好!   

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A Memory to Remember–Kingston 2013

从来没有想过一个才开通不久的英语博客站,会在这么早上传一个和英语学习关系不是很直接的视频。编写者本人当前有这个冲动,需要将这样一个视频早点上传已供朋友分享。好在,这是一个带有字幕的全英文微电影,这是Kingston 2013年年度广告微电影(其实,已经超出了广告氛围),时间也只有7分多钟,建议大家在安静下来之后,细细品味其中的故事,也可以慢慢学习其中的英语对话。


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