To whom is trying to buy the domain of this website

This post is for the potential buyer who has made an offer recently. I am the owner of xxEnglish dot com and I have received an email notification about your offer.

Since the trade platform does not allow me to fill any comment for the following reason:

Please note: This bid thread was initiated through our SedoMLS Partner GoDaddy. This partner is not supporting the display of comments at this point in time. Unfortunately this means you can’t enter a comment with your offer for this name. We apologize for the inconvenience, we are looking to add this feature in the future.

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转: 涉外公证翻译中应注意的几个问题


公证书可译作“Notarization”或“Notarial Certificate”。笔者认为一旦某一特定公证处采用其中的一种译法,一般不应做改动。

涉外公证翻译工作量最多的往往是:毕业证公证书(Notarization of Diploma)、学位证公证书(Notarization of Degree Certificate)、成绩单公证书(Notarization of Academic Transcription)、亲属关系公证书(Notarization of Family Relation)、婚姻状况公证书(Notarization of Marital Status)、无刑事犯罪记录公证书(Notarization of No Record of Criminal Offense)、及(涉外)收养公证书(Notarization of Adoption)等。当然,在实践工作中,以上各分类标题都可笼统地译为:“Notarization”或“Notarial Certificate”。

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